Amendment 2 campaign takes to the airwaves

Voters in nine major media markets around the state recently started seeing the first installment of television advertisements promoting Amendment 2, one of 12 amendments currently on the 2018 general election ballot. The amendment would make permanent a 10 percent cap on annual property tax increases on commercial buildings, rental homes and other non-homestead properties. 

The 15- and 30-second spots shown below are running on broadcast and cable stations through election day (Nov. 6) in Ft. Myers-Naples, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Panama City, Pensacola, Tallahassee and West Palm Beach. Realtors are encouraged to share the ads in their social media.

Time is Running Out
(15 seconds)

Keep Our Economy Growing (30 seconds)

Keep the Cap, Protect Our Seniors (30 seconds)

“The TV ads focus on two groups who desperately need voters to approve Amendment 2: renters and small business owners,” says Roudy Neree, owner/broker with P.A. Real Estate Corporation in Hollywood, Florida. “Rents are high around the state. Without a 10 percent cap on annual non-homestead property tax increases — which has been in place for the past decade — landlords are likely to pass some of the tax increase onto tenants in the form of higher rents. If you have an aging parent or a recent college graduate in your family, you know their incomes can’t handle an enormous rent increase every year.”

Small businesses will be impacted, too, if 60 percent of voters don’t approve Amendment 2. “Stable property taxes mean predictable rents for commercial renters,” Neree adds. “It also means more opportunity for businesses to grow, creating more jobs and potentially lowering prices for consumers.”

The television spots are part of a comprehensive communications program to inform voters about the benefits of Amendment 2 to small business owners, renters and communities. Radio ads and direct mail pieces are also running in targeted markets, and voters will see a variety of digital ads on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. Several op-eds written by Realtors have appeared in local newspapers with more being submitted each day.  

You can help by telling colleagues, friends and family about the benefits of Amendment 2. Social media posts and images, sample op-ed letters, logos and other resources are available online in Florida Realtors’ Amendment 2 toolkit.