Florida chamber 2018 FOURTH QUARTER
Small business index survey results

Thank you for taking time to complete the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Fourth Quarter Small Business Index Survey. Your input is valuable and plays a vital role in the Florida Chamber’s fight to continue growing the best business climate in the nation right here in Florida.

As Florida job creators prepare to cast their vote for Florida’s next Governor, they’re no doubt looking at which candidate will help strengthen Florida’s workforce and tackle government regulations – top concerns of business leaders on the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Fourth Quarter Small Business Index Survey. 

For the eighth quarter in a row, employers say finding skilled workforce to meet open job demands is their number one concern. And small and local businesses are increasingly concerned about government regulations.

On the upside, 59 percent of small businesses indicated confidence in the direction that Florida is taking to make Florida a better place for businesses – up from the third quarter.

As Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Operations for the Florida Chamber of Commerce explained, looking at the gubernatorial candidates proposed plans shows their differences, and provides a clear view of the candidates’ positions on small and local businesses.

Of Florida small businesses, 48 percent of respondents expect to hire in the next six months, up from 45 percent last quarter. And 43 percent expect to make investments in plants or equipment, down from 49 percent one year ago.

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Know Where the Candidates Stand This Election

This election, it’s important for all Floridians to be well-informed and have their voices heard on November 6. The Florida Chamber 2018 Election Guide is a great resource for knowing which candidates support free enterprise and jobs for Floridians. To view and download, click here.

Also, the Florida Wins Election Guide offers employers an informational voter resource to share with employees. To view and download, click here