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How To Network The Right Way


6 Useful Tips for ‘Podium’ Finishes at Networking Events

A networking event is a great opportunity to do more than hope to find people to solve your institutional problems. Instead, networking events are ideal opportunities to display excellence within a team setting. While doing so, you can gain invaluable insights and making meaningful and lasting connections based on mutual contributions.

It is a lot like reaching the podium after a big race. Even if you did not win it, a team effort made it possible to shine and show your best possible side. That is what a networking event is like. The following are six tips to help you to finish on the proverbial podium.

1 Slow and Steady Wins the Race

An endurance race like the 24 Hours of Daytona requires a strong engine and smart application of power. You do not just floor it and expect to make it to the finish – ever. Instead, you have to pace yourself and look for your opportunities to advance.

That lingering individual standing near you might seem innocuous but might be the key to the next big business breakthrough with strong connections. Look for a reason to strike up a conversation and learn more about that individual and his or her reason for coming to the event. As the conversation grows, you just might find common ground from which a beautiful business relationship might blossom.

Winning’ is 90 Percent Mental

Networking requires you to be on your toes and on your game. If you do not have your head in the game, everyone else in the race who does already left you behind. You need to be at your best to do your best. So no drinking prior to networking events and never have more than one while at an event.

Those who view networking events as an opportunities for free drinks tend to perform poorly. Those who can hold a single drink the entire duration is showing exceptional control.

3 Preparation Makes a Big Difference

A winning networking appearance is one that requires homework and preparation prior to the big event. It starts with choosing relevant networking events in which you have as much of offer as you have to gain from the event.

4 Teamwork Leads to Success

Not even a race car driver claim he or she is the sole reason for winning a big race. A lot of teamwork goes into ensuring the car is in top shape and matches the driver’s preferences for a particular racecourse. That is an example of teamwork and how it takes many parts to build a successful whole. The same approach works best in a networking event. You have to get involved and truly participate in ad-hoc team settings that give you greater opportunities for successful networking.

5 Be a Problem-Solver

You never want to enter the race with problems to solve. That ensures you wind up with a DNF instead of a podium finish. You need be a problem-solver for others, and that happens by listening and suggesting innovative solutions to long-standing problems. When you have solutions to offer instead of problems to solve, the networking process becomes much more effective and productive.

6 Show Your Value

Many networking events include smaller components, such as education and innovative sessions that might include group participation. Those are outstanding times to step up and shine while demonstrating value to the others in the networking setting. You can interject and demonstrate expertise while learning more about those with whom you are interacting. When you show your value, others tend to recognize it and look for ways to embrace it.

With the preceding six tips for networking success firmly under your belt, the networking race becomes very manageable. With some practice, you could wind up with podium finishes more often following networking events.

Ed Moore, Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing