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New Business Guide

Moving to or establishing your business in the Greater Estero area? Here is a quick guide to the agencies that you will need to interact with regarding licenses, permitting, and more.

Licenses and Corporate Status

Business Licenses are issued by the Lee County Tax Collectors Office: Transient Merchant permitting is also handled through this office.

Corporation Status is granted by the State of Florida via the Department of Corporations. Annual Reports can be filed online.

Professional and Regulated Industry Licenses are issued by the State Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Federal Employer Identification Numbers are issued by the Internal Revenue Service.

Corporate Income Tax and Sales Tax Collection and Reporting is handled via the State Department of Revenue.

Tangible Property Tax is managed by the Lee County Property Appraiser

Florida New Hire

Reporting Workers Compensation

Construction, Renovation, and Signage Codes

Businesses within the Village Boundaries are subject to specific design and appearance standards unique to Estero.

Construction and Building Permits, and Zoning applications are issued by the Village of Estero through their Community Development Department.

Signage codes are part of the Land Development Code, which can be found on the Village website.

Areas outside the Village boundaries are subject to Lee County Community Development zoning and building permits.